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EP260:The Secret to Branding

Laura talks about the importance of branding, what it means for landscapers and how to create and maintain your brand.

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EP259:The Secret to Navigating Gen Z Employees

Laura talks to her 27 year old maintenance manager about what employees in their 20s are looking for and how to learn to communicate with each other.

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EP258:The Secret to Keeping Employees

Laura her husband and co-business owner, Matt, talk about the many things they have learned on how to hire and keep the right employees.

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EP257:The Secret to Having a Customer Service Manager

Laura talks to her customer service manager, Sandy, about what her position entails.

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EP256:The Secret to Getting More Work

Laura talks about how her company is handling getting less big leads this year.

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EP255:The Secret to Accountability

Laura talks to Tara Stohler about accountability in different aspects of life.

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EP254:The Secret to Owning Two Businesses

Laura talks to Navy Builder Greg Falvo on how he handles being in the Naval Reserves and running an outdoor living company at the same time.

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EP253:The Secret to Using Artificial Intelligence

Laura talks to Million Dollar Landscaper’s Scott Molchan on how to use Artifical Intelligence (AI) and ChatGPT for your marketing– and how NOT to use it.

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EP252:The Secret of Getting Business in a Small Town

Laura talks to Donnie Beck about how to market his company in the resort community in which he lives.

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